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* Patent design of Cold Drinks or Wines Dispenser
* Patented technology used for Cooling of drinks or wines
* Voltage: 100-120V or 220-240V ~50/60Hz
* Power:130W
* Temperature Control Mode: Electronic + LED display
* Tank capacity:600ML
* Temperature:-18~+25℃
* Operation Mode: Quick
* Climate Type: T, ST, N, SN
* Aluminum+ABS plastic(Food grade)
* Insulation material: Foam
* 3x0.75mm²x0.8m full copper power cord
* It is reliable for usage in home, suitable for a variety of wine/drink temperature adjustment
* The machine use High performance compressor
* The used chipset can satisfy the users demand by control the cooling capacity accutately
* Temperature can be set the range of -18℃ ~ 25 ℃ according to the needs
* The set temperature can be reached within 30 minutes if the room temperature at 25 ℃
* Automatically drawing the residual liquor in the pipeline back to the volume after each drink
* Has the function of automatically saving the set temperature
* The temperature can be set according to their own preferences

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* Tanks capacity:600ML
* Rated * Power:130W
* Temperature:-18℃~+25℃
* Climate Type: T, ST, N, SN
* Touch button control and LED display
* Energy saving and low noise
* Quick cooling for suitable temperature of drinkable liquid
* Suitable for various wines and drinks
* Applicable to home, office, camping and small party

Machine   Dimension (mm) L:250 W:369 H: 377.5
Giftbox   Dimension   (mm) L: /   W: / H:  /
Carton   Dimension  (mm) L:420   W:325  H: 465
Weight per   Gift box  (kg) GW:  /        NW:  /
Weight per   carton (kg) GW: 14.60  NW: 13.00
PC(Set)/Gift   box: 1 pc
Quantity per   Carton 1 pcs / carton
Quantity per   Container 510 pcs / 20'F
Quantity per   Container 1016 pcs / 40'F
Quantity per   Container 1160 pcs/ 40HQ
Lead time   After Receipt of Order 40 days 
Sample   Lead-time 10 days 
Origin China
Certificate CB/RoHS
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