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* Auto Soap/Foam/Disfectant Dispenser
* Rated Power: 3.6W
* Voltage: 6V (4pcs* AA battery)
* Tank Capacity: 480ml
* IR sensing distance: 3~5cm
* Noise Ratio: ≤35dB
* Used for household, office and tour
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* IR Automatic Dispenser
* Reach out for foaming, effective antibacterial
* Free contact and more sanitary 99.9% effective antibacterial
* Compact, minimalist, low-key design blends perfectly with any bathroom or kitchen to provide a high-quality, elegant hand-washing experience.
* Automatically induces bubbles without pressing caring for the health of the whole family
* Near field infrared sensing: 3~5cm
* Two levels of foam qty: 0.5g and 1.0g optional
* 0.25 second rapid bubble
* Reasonable foaming, one bottle is used longer
* Micro high efficiency motor
* Reminding light for 20seconds and flashing at the last 5 seconds
* Low power consumption, quieter
* Classic minimalist design
* Noise Ratio: ≤35dB
* Free installation
* Splash proof water   

PACKING Optional   Request: Upcost   (USD)
Machine   Dimension (mm) L:  89 W: 107 H: 193
Giftbox   Dimension   (mm) L:  111.5 W: 95 H: 199.5
Carton   Dimension  (mm) L:  490 W: 416 H: 419
Weight per   gift box  (kg) GW:  0.30      NW: 0.25
Weight per   carton (kg) GW: 13.00   NW: 12.00
PC(Set)/Gift   box: 1 pc
Quantity per   Carton 40 pcs / carton Capacity per line per   day  3000 pcs
Quantity per   Container 13680 pcs / 20'F Monthly Production   Capacity 90,000 pcs
Quantity per   Container 27200 pcs / 40'F Mini Annual Qty for Secure   Exclusivity 80000 pcs
Quantity per   Container 31200 pcs/ 40HQ
Lead time   After Receipt of Order 25 days 
Sample   Lead-time 4 days 
Origin China
Certificate(Adaptor) CE/PSE/RoHS
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