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* Infrared Smart Grill for home and travelling BBQ
* Patented design of smart smokeless barbecue machine
* Main functions: smokeless barbecue + quick separation of oil and juice
* Quick heating system to save time
* Restore the taste of food well
* The surface of the food is quickly charred, the appearance is crisp, the interior is water locked and juicy  * Automatically power off protection when overheated

Machine   Dimension (mm) L:  440 W: 245 H: 292
Giftbox   Dimension   (mm) L:  / W: / H:  /
Carton   Dimension  (mm) L:  510 W: 375 H: 310
Weight per   Gift box  (kg) GW:    /        NW:     /
Weight per   carton (kg) GW: 4.15   NW: 2.76
PC(Set)/Gift   box: 1 pc
Quantity per   Carton 1 pcs / carton
Quantity per   Container 462 pcs / 20'F
Quantity per   Container 966 pcs / 40'F
Quantity per   Container 1104 pcs/ 40HQ
Lead time   After Receipt of Order 50 days 
Sample   Lead-time 10 days 
Origin China
Certificate RoHS
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