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* Automatic Cooking Machine for household
* Touch LED display + Knob with big control panel
* 2.5L Automatic cooking machine
* PP housing, color optional; PP lid with glass on the top
* Detachable aluminum inner pot with non-stick coating
* Accurate time and temperature setting
* Automatic cooking function: stir, fry, stew, steam, low temperature cooking, etc.
* Recipe optional: fried rice, fried vegetables, stewed, curry, etc, could be customized
* The hinge has a buffer structure
* IMD injection molded touch panel control panel
* There is a control of the power supply interruption
* The DC motor, and the agitation spring can be rotated in the forward and reverse directions
* The glass cover is transparent
* The agitation and the glass cover are removable and the structure can be assembled by the user after cleaning
* There is an oil or water collecting cup structure, and the cup is removable

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* New design and technology for cooking machine
* Rated Voltage: 100-120V~50/60Hz or 220-240V~50Hz
* Rated Power: 1000W
* Tank Capacity: 2.50L
* Applicable persons: 3-4 persons
* Touch button+LED display+Knob control
* Auto programs for various cooking

Machine   Dimension (mm) L:  281 W: 337 H: 197
Giftbox   Dimension   (mm) L:  312 W: 358 H: 249
Carton   Dimension  (mm) L:  327 W: 363 H: 515
Weight per   gift box  (kg) GW: 4.80     NW: 4.30
Weight per   carton (kg) GW: 20.20   NW: 17.20
PC(Set)/Gift   box: 1 pc
Quantity per   Carton 4 pcs / carton
Quantity per   Container 864 pcs / 20'F
Quantity per   Container 1824 pcs / 40'F
Quantity per   Container 2128 pcs/ 40HQ
Lead time   After Receipt of Order 50 days 
Sample   Lead-time 10 days 
Origin China
Certificate CB/RoHS

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