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* New technical design of Instant Heating Warm Water Dispenser     
* Unique patented technology used for this smart water dispenser                                                                * Rare Earth Thick Film technology(heating element) is used for quick boiling water
* Continuously variable speed regulation of water temperature
* 1 second for quick 100℃ water and 3~5 seconds from 100℃ to around 38℃ for warm water                    * Heating Capacity: 20.0L/H
* Real time display of outlet water temperature on the display screen
* 3 water volume selections (150ml, 250ml,500ml)         
* Removable transparent water tank with clear level mark
* Child lock function: preventing hot water output with one press and avoiding burns
* Boil dry and overheat protection: two thermostats double safety anti-dry protection,non-working reset funciton
* With RED indicator on display and sound alert for water empty
* With memory of last setting under plug in
* Auto cleaning function is avaliable
* Main Material:ABS+PC+SUS304

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* Rated Voltage: 100-120V~50/60Hz or 220-240V~50Hz
* Rated Power: 1300W/2100W
* Tank Capacity: 3.0L
* Control mode: Touch control+Knob
* 3 water volume selections (150ml, 250ml and 500ml)
* Rare Earth Thick Film technology(heating) is used
* Fast heating: really takes 1 second to release hot water
* 3~5 seconds from 100℃ to around 38℃ for warm water 
Machine   Dimension (mm) L:  289 W: 250 H: 306
Giftbox   Dimension   (mm) L:  340 W: 300 H: 365
Carton   Dimension  (mm) L:  618 W: 358 H: 378
Weight per   Gift box  (kg) GW: 3.22   NW: 2.54
Weight per   carton (kg) GW: 7.50   NW: 5.08
PC(Set)/Gift   box: 1 pc
Quantity per   Carton 2 pcs / carton
Quantity per   Container 714 pcs / 20'F
Quantity per   Container 1482 pcs / 40'F
Quantity per   Container 1730 pcs/ 40HQ
Lead time   After Receipt of Order 50 days 
Sample   Lead-time 10 days 
Origin China
Certificate CE(LVD+EMC)/RoHS/Erp

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